Frequently Asked Questions

Genrally, Collagen has a lot of benefits such as healthy skin, weight loss, joint and bone health , to know more about Novalife Collagen you can just click the link below:

It's not absolutely necessary, but for best absorption of the amino acids, we recommend drinking novalife collagen in the morning on an empty stomach, as well as just before bed.

Novalife Collagen is known to be very safe with almost no side effects, however, like any food or supplement, there are a few things to look out for. For one, you may have an allergy to certain animal proteins.

Collagen decreases through our lives (starting in our 20’s), and the sooner we get more amino acids from collagen into our diet the better! The signs for skin that collagen production may be slowing: - Increase or deepening of wrinkles - Decrease in elasticity - Other skin issues such as an increase or intensification of stretch marks - Enlarged pores The typical age people start using amino collagen drink is 30+ when the signs of aging skin appear, but many want a head start on the collagen decline by adding dietary collagen in their 20s. Amino Collagen C is safe for use in all adults, so if an individual wants to start earlier they can. If you have any specific question, such as pregnancy or nursing, be sure to consult with your healthcare professional.

Collagen's unique amino acid profile also allows it to suppress appetite and promote lean body mass. Learn more about weight loss benefits

Daily Intake of collagen depends on the reason of taking the collagen. Dosage recommendations can range from 5 grams upto 30 grams per day depending on body weight, metabolism and diet. Stick to Recommended Daily Dosage of Collagen.