Sensoglist Mouth Wash

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 Sensoglist Mouth Wash the best expert formula.

WHY Novaherbs Sensoglist Mouth Wash!


Sensoglist Mouth Wash (Chlorhexidine mouthwash)may reduce the pain.

It may also help mouth ulcers to heal more quickly. It helps to prevent mouth ulcers from becoming infected.
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Sensoglist Mouth wash works as an antiseptic mouthwash which prevent infection by inhibiting plaque

from building up around the teeth. Mouthwash also loosens up any hidden food particles to make it easier during brushing & flossing. Thus prevents mouth infections
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Mouthwash prevents gingivitis and gum disease by killing the bacteria

that would otherwise infect the dental sockets and gums. When combined with regular brushing and flossing, mouthwash can help flush away the pesky particles that lead to gum disease.
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Try Novaherbs Sensoglist Mouth Wash today and see the difference!